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The setup is an imperative part of good putting.  Often overlooked, it is probably one of the most flawed parts of most students I see. The irony of it is, it’s the one thing players of all levels are reluctant to change. Players seek comfort, and sometimes being comfortable doesn't lead to good golf. The setup is the driving engine of the stroke. A proper, consistent set up will give the player a better chance to create a consistent, repeatable and controllable stroke. A great stroke won’t come just because you have a great set up but it’s definitely a great place to start.

Let’s identify the 4 important things in a great set up.1- Eye line 2- Ball position 3- Stance Width and 4-Aim. All these things are interrelated, and if one is off, chances are high the others will be too.  This would diminish the chances of you making putts over the course of a round. I believe that identifying your eye-line is the first big step. By this I mean, identify where you see the line properly.  For most, their eyes fall just inside the ball; but this is definitely a trait unique to every player. From this starting point, the rest should fall into place because your body will fall where that eye-line remains unchanged.

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The effect the putter grip has on your performance is massive.  Using a grip that matches your stroke is vital to get the most out of your putting as well as finding a feel that you prefer.  The craze with oversize putter grips has been going on for quite some time now, here are my two senses on it.

There is no question that every golfer, profesional and amateurs, are constantly trying to find something that will make them better, something that gives them an edge.  In putting, most of the time, it has to do with controlling the putter, which leads to holing more putts.  Pretty obvious right?  Well, there are more than a few ways to do that.  Primarily, players would shift to a more face balanced putter or a heavier putter at that. It gives them the sense of more control.  Recently players expanded their horizons and switched out their traditional putter grip (think Tiger’s “Ping” blacked out grip) to oversized grips.  In essence the oversized grips do two things, 1- they relieve grip pressure 2- they limit the hand and wrist action on the stroke (important to note, “limit” not “eliminate”).  Two pretty important factors in putting.  I recall many years ago during my Junior playing career you would see an oversize-putting grip once in a blue moon.  Back then, everyone immediately thought, that guy struggles with his putting.  Fast-forward 20 years and now some of the best putters in the world are using them; Jordan Spieth and Phil Mickelson come to mind.  Both of them are not only using them but have won countless of PGA Tour events including Majors.  Spieth has actually played his entire professional career with one.

I am a firm believer that tension kills golf games and many golf games have gone sour because of bad putting.  I am a fan of what the oversized grip does in many players’ game, I do however don’t believe it will have a positive impact on everybody.  Like anything in golf, there is no one-way, the important thing if you’re struggling, is for you to try it out.  The best recommendation I can give you is for you to use you The Perfect Putter, set up a few different stations using gates on some and none on others and put the grips through the ringer.  Measure your performance with a traditional grip and measure it again with an oversized grip.  As always, I would recommend you solicit the help of a PGA Professional for him to help you with the balancing of the putter once it goes through the grip change.  I think you will be surprised with the results!

Putt like you train!

Ramon Bescansa

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As many of you know, we constantly preach, “Perfect Practice”, “Putt like you Train” and “Proper Preparation Leads to Premium Performance.”  We truly believe that if you are constantly practicing properly and challenging yourself, that your performance will undoubtedly improve.  Having said that, there has to be a transition from your practice routine to get you into tournament mode.

I constantly get asked, what type of drills I have my PGA Tour Pro’s do. How much time they spend on each one? How often do they do them? How do the drills vary from an off week to a tournament week? I bet you probably have one or two questions of your own.  Obviously it depends on the player and what the inefficiencies they have at that present moment but I do have a general routine that they all go through.

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How to choose a Putter

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Oh the putter. The one club in the bag that has ruined many games yet also acts as a great equalizer. The one club in the bag that has seen the most rotation in and out of the bag; in the bag, out of the bag, into the darkest corner in the closet and into the bag again. Some players have been together with their putters longer than they have been with their wives, and other players have shorter relationships than the life span of an ice cube. Finding a putter is tough. Length, loft, look, finish, the grip, the brand, the insert, not to mention the putter the hottest player on the PGA Tour is currently using, all play a part when picking a putter.  All of these things are variables that affect one’s decision.  The fact that a 2-foot putt counts the same as a 330-yard drive makes it easier to blame one’s putting for our undesirable scores. Since putting accounts for over 40% of the shots any given player hits during a round, picking a putter is an important process.  Here is our take as to how to go about it.

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Practice makes perfect.  How many times have you heard that? I remember the first time I saw that quote. I have always been a very competitive person and the quote really got to me.  I had dreams of playing golf like my childhood hero, Seve Ballesteros, and this quote spoke to me.  Practice makes perfect.  I took it to heart and for the next 15 years I applied it to my game.  I remember telling myself over and over “Practice makes Perfect”.  I would stand over 10 foot putts and not move on to the next station unless I made 50 straight.  I would do so thinking that the toughness of my practice, would indeed make me better, make me perfect.  Wow how times have changed.  I have come to realize how misguided that quote really was because of the way the words were arranged.

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