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Denny McCarthy

Read what PGA Tour Member Denny McCarthy has to say about The Perfect Putter!


birdieable reviews the perfect putter


Today we’d like to thank Rob West, a self proclaimed “scratch golfing wannabe” for sharing his remarks about The Perfect Putter on his blog birdieable.  In the blog post, West mentions,

...there really is no better tool than the Perfect Putter. It allows you to precisely see where the ball will go based on your reading, and simply through using it you are certain to get better on the green. The old adage is that practice makes perfect. Well, practice with the Perfect Putter certainly does. It’s a fascinating new product that really can make a difference and help to lower your score.”

You can read the whole blog post here, and don’t forget to share it on social media to help get the word out about The Perfect Putter.  Whether you are scratch golfer or just a wannabe., you too can improve your game through deliberate practice and using The Perfect Putter.

Stan Utley Uses The Perfect Putter on the Golf Channel

In May, Stan Utley demonstrated on the Golf Channel how he uses The Perfect Putter in his teaching sessions, showing how important this device is for not only PGA Tour players, but also teaching pros in their sessions. Take a look at how he uses The Perfect Putter in conjuction with The Path Trainer to work on his form, speed, and aim. 

Stan Utley The Perfect Putter The Golf Channel

Patton Kizzire on Using The Perfect Putter

In January of 2016, Rookie Patton Kizzire discussed in Golfweek how he trains, and talks extensively about The Perfect Putter's role in his regimen. Below are the screen shots of the cover and the section of the article. To start training like Kizzire (and more than 60 other PGA Tour pros) you can purchase your own set here!


New England Golf Monthly Review


We are so grateful to Haley Fisher of the New England Golf Monthly for publishing a great review of The Perfect Putter on their online publication on December 2, 2015. In the article, Fisher says,

"The Perfect Putter increases a player’s green reading abilities and helps them to visualize the break on a putt. One of the best features of The Perfect Putter are the many drills that helps improve golfers green reading, aim, speed, and stroke. Ramon Bescansa, professional golfer and owner, partnered with his father Ramon, who is an engineer, to create the Perfect Putter so Ramon could become more confident in his golf game. Thanks to their creativity and love for the game, golfers all over the world are lowering scores and uncovering a new way to look at their game."

Read the whole review here, and please share on social media to keep spreading the word about how The Perfect Putter is helping weekend warriors, PGA Tour Professionals, and teaching pros learn to read the green and lower their scores. 


Dreaming Big at the PGA Show

The golf undustry may be full of dreamers and innovators, but no product on the market does such a great job as The Perfect Putter. From experienced PGA TOUR players to weekend warriors, everyone can improve their game and learn to read greens even better with this tool.    

Take a look at's video of three game-changing inventions at this year's convention at the Orange County Convention Center. In this video, Jason Logan profiles three new products - the Golf Bike, Venture Heat, and of course, The Perfect Putter!

Take a look at the video here:

Dreaming Big The Perfect Putter Score

National Club Golfer Review

Take a look at the review video that National Club Golfer did on The Perfect Putter! In their episode of "Why Didn't I Think of That?," National Club Golfer reviews three products - FlingGolf, Zepp Golf, and The Perfect Putter. 

Watch the Video Here, and order The Perfect Putter today!


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Golf WRX Reviews The Perfect Putter

Take a look at what Andrew Tursky of Golf WRX has to say about The Perfec Putter! This article is complete with drill examples, videos of our product in use, and specific details on how to get the most out of it.  

Read the full review here:





Read and watch what Dave Wolfe has to say about The Perfect Putter!

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